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How to save rainforests with old cell phones. 51

Rain forest Saving with Old Cell Phones.

Rain forest have some of the most complicated soundscapes on the planet. In this dense, noise of Insects, birds, primates and everything else that moves in the forest, how can you detect the sounds of illegal logging?

The old cell phones you hanging around and through away from your pocket are safe side may have the answer.

How to save rainforests with old cell phones.
How to save rainforests with old cell phones.

how exactly does one go about saving the rain forest with Old Cell Phones?

after a visit to the rainforests of Borneo , Physicist ,  engineer Topher white was struck by the sounds of the forest. In the particular the noises he couldn’t hear.

While on a walk White and other came across an illegal loggre sawing down a tree just a few hundred meters away from a ranger station.

This incident set White thinking that perhaps the best way to save the Earth’s precious rainforest is to listen to its loggers and poachers. And the innovation he came up with uses old cell phones to do this.

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