:Letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan "Kashmir Seeks Attention" By Nabila Irshad 210

:Letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan "Kashmir Seeks Attention” By Nabila Irshad

To the prime minister of Pakistan
Dear Sir,
An unprecedented situation is building up in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Fear and confusion have gripped residents after authorities cancelled a Hindu pilgrimage and asked tourists to leave the disputed region.

The order came shortly after India deployed an additional number of 10,000 troops. Just a week earlier, India had sent 25,000 troops, to augment its security grid, which already has more than 600,000 troops stationed in the disputed territory.

The panic has gripped among the residents. The hospitals have been asked to stockpile essential supplies, including food, medicines and fuel, in anticipation that the situation may turn critical.

Police has been asked to remain prepared. There are reports that local Jammu and Kashmir has been unarmed at various places. They have been asked to submit their arms at local police stations or central security force camps. In series of official orders – including one issued by the Indian Railways have warning of a "crisis situation”.

Nobody has any idea, what is in store. But rumours are rife that Hindu nationalist government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was either abrogating the special status guaranteed by the Indian Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir, or removing a special Citizenship clause that doesn’t allow outsiders to settle in the disputed region or trifurcating the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The right-wing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) patron of ruling BJP has always favoured trifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir, which, on communal lines with Hindu (Jammu), Muslim(Kashmir) and Buddhist (Ladakh). We must not forget that Jammi region has two Muslim majority sub-regions of Chinab Valley and Pir Panchal and Ladakh has also Muslim majority sub-region Kargil.

The reason given for trifurcation has been that it will help to contain violence in the Kashmir Valley. The steps if taken will make the Muslim-majority areas one huge concentration camp with licence to the security forces to kill. This is the fascism at its worst form.

Dear Sir, all these steps are dangerous and detrimental for the future of vast Muslim majority in the region. The BJP leaders have issued a whip to their party members to be present in current session of Indian Parliament. The enactment of above provisions, will mean that Kashmiris living in their own land will be reduced to a hapless minority.

A plan enacted years ago, by Israel in Palestine is being copied in letter and spirit in Kashmir.

It is high time for the Government of Pakistan to wake up and take some steps beyond rhetoric. There is urgent need for the Prime Minister of Pakistan to personally call world leaders and seek their intervention at this critical juncture of Kashmir history. I suggest you to urgently take up the matter and ensure following steps are taking as soon as possible:

1. Telephonic conversation with world leaders especially the members of the UNSC drawing their attention to the buildup in the region.

2. Telephonic conversation with leaders of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia, seeking their help to influence on India not to change demographic character of the Muslim majority region.

3. Foreign Ministry must be activated to call an emergency session of OIC Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir. If this Group doesn’t intervene at this juncture, when they will act.

4. Indian expatriates in Gulf and other countries must be told unequivocally to exercise their influence on their government to prevent such harsh measures on the hapless population of Jammu and Kashmir.

5. While every step should be taken to de-escalate the situation and seek peaceful resolution of issue, there is need to show grit and velour from Pakistan side to convey some harsh lessons to India.

6. That could be to move Strike Corps of Army to the LoC, to give world a message, that Pakistan cannot leave Kashmiris in lurch and at the mercy of Hindu nationalists.

7. Pakistan Air Force that showed its velour last February, needs to be put into action to show its readiness.

8. This will ensure, world to intervene and attend to the situation and force Delhi to deescalate situation.

9. Since the US is engaged with Pakistan to withdraw from Pakistan, its services and good offices must be put in action, prevent India to escalate situation in Jammu and Kashmir.
Nabila Irshad
 advocate Former secretary general & Senior vice president of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Party

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