UBER cutting costs on the backs of drivers since 2010 294

Uber Drivers Strike against lower wages and unfair conditions by the company

Uber is known to be the world’s biggest ride hailing company that with the help of millions drivers all around the world provide services to their customers but in gathering of profits Uber may has forget about its sole entity drivers those work hard day and night to provide great services to the customers of the company. In this regard Several Uber Drivers in England including London, Nottingham and Glasgow and other countries like United States, Brazil and Australia had gone on strike on 9th May, 2019 in demand of their improved pay scale and fair conditions. The Uber Drivers in Britain powered off their apps for nine hours from 7:00 to 16:00 under the union of Independent Workers in Britain while in United States the workers boycott the apps from 7:00 to 9:00 local timings and the drivers sitting in their homes run the strike on social media by the hashtag Uber shut down campaign and took their part in the strike. The major frustration behind the strike was the reduction in commissions taken by Uber Drivers from 25 to 15 percent and on the other hand wages are increased to two pounds per hour from 1.25 pounds per hour. Uber Drivers demand their rights, good salary package, pay for holiday, increase in their commissions from 15 to 20 percent and job security while the Company had already denied to give job security benefits to their drivers because Uber states that the drivers are independent in choosing their working hours, they are flexible to choose which hour they want to drive and they can also do other jobs beside driving Uber Cabs and they have the opportunity to supplement their income. Above statement of the Uber cannot be considered true because some of the Uber drivers share personal experience that shows flexibility of the hours is just a term to attract the drivers while Uber also bound them in a different way to work nonstop for the company.  Further Uber said it has lower cost ratios  so they cannot pay the drivers with holiday pay or sickness pay and they cannot give further safety to their workers. Again if we consider this Review against uber than this statement not seems to be true either because as explained in the review only one entity that is earning in all & all is company itself. Previously Company did not have to worry about the security and job benefits for the drivers and workers but now company has to pay attention towards the fair demands raised by the Uber Drivers.

Uber officials said that the Uber Drivers are independent contractors not the permanent employees but many drivers only drive Uber cars to run their family expenses and it must be mentioned that the drivers in UK earn only average of five pounds in one hour which is less than the legal least income of workers per hour for people over twenty five years that is 8.21 pounds. It is the major right of Drivers to get their demands. Uber officials  however argue with the union that they have provided many facilities to their drivers including in providing fee insurance and telephone service but workers are still at their point to get all the favorable commissions otherwise they will keep shutting off their apps in selected hours. The main problem is that Uber should consider their drivers as their employees other than independent contractors and we hope this tension ends soon between company and its workers.

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